Power Through with Positivity!

power through

So for my husband and I, it never seems to rain, it just freaking pours.

We have never been financially well off. We own a business that does well, but running a service business also comes with a lot of expense to keep the business running. Equipment, vehicles, machinery, the list goes on and on.

So, we landed a large contract this Spring for the Spring, Summer, and Fall months. A breath of financial fresh air. A large contract worth a decent amount of money. But since we landed the contract, we’ve had nothing but expenses pile up.

First our truck’s transmission blew and since we still owe a lot on the truck itself, we couldn’t just scrap the vehicle so we had to take out a loan to pay for a new transmission. Then two other truck repairs came up that cost another couple thousand dollars. Then our main piece of landscaping equipment for the business broke – $1,300 repair bill. Then to top everything off, my husband got pulled over by the police while driving our company vehicle and towing our company trailer and got fined almost $800 for various infractions related to improper documentation for the vehicles and improper loads – things we should have known better about but didn’t and so have had to pay the price.

See what I mean? It doesn’t just rain – it pours down.

I’m sure you’ve had similar situations in your life. Maybe not financially but other things that just pile up and pile up and pile up and you sit back and think “Really? Again? More?”

Where am I going with all of this? Ah yes, the importance of staying positive through it all.

While staying positive may be the last thing on your mind through struggle, it is so imperative that you try.

Through these latest financial struggles, I’ve tried to keep positive by thinking about the fact that our business is doing better this year in sales than any other year since we started. And that while truck repairs and equipment repairs cost a lot of money, it’s a blessing that we have a vehicle and equipment to be able to run our business.

Take a few minutes each day, and just remind yourself how your situation could be different if it wasn’t for this or that. How blessed you are to be leading the life that you do. And remember you can always power through with positivity.


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