My Endless Summer Reading List


Every summer I stock up on tons of books and magazines and add them to my “summer” reading list. I put summer in quotations because I know I will never finish reading everything during the summer months.

I basically will buy anything that looks or sounds interesting and add it to my shelf in hopes that one day I will find the time to read it. So far, I’m still catching up on books that I bought two years ago.

As a stay-at-home-Mom whose six-year-old will be home with me all summer, trying to find the time (and peace and quiet) to read is difficult. There’s always something more pressing (usually laundry) that gets my attention, especially trying to keep my son entertained.

But nevertheless, I stock up every year in hopes that this summer I will have the time.

My goal for this summer, so from now through the end of August, is to start and finish any three books. I feel like this is a solid goal with a reasonable time frame.

I read not just for enjoyment, but also to learn new things. I feel like it is a sad day if I’ve been through the whole day and not learned a single new thing. One of the books on my list right now, for example, is a book about creating killer content for your blog, social media, etc. I know I have so much to learn in this area so I’m especially excited to dive into this one.

Also on my list this summer: “Kind is the New Classy” by Candace Cameron Bure and “Room” by Emma Donoghue. Both have great online reviews and have been on my want-to-read list for a while.

As a mom of a little one, it is also important to me that my son be interested in reading. I think it’s difficult for children to foster a love of reading, sometimes especially with young boys. Our local library puts on an awesome Summer Reading Club, which is totally free to participate in. You visit the library as often as you’d like, read as many books as you like, tell the program director one interesting fact about each book that you read and win tickets to enter draws for really cool prizes. Last year was the first year my son participated and he had a blast. He’s already been asking me every day for the past few weeks when we can start reading club again. This makes me so happy! I know it’s probably the fun activities and prizes the library offers, but I’m thrilled to have him participate in anything that gets him reading more.

How about you? Do you have a stack of books lined up waiting to be read? Do your kids love to read too? Would love to hear from you on what great reads you’ve experienced!


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