The Itch to Travel


From the time I was a little girl, travel has always been something that has excited me.

I remember my parents taking my sister and I to Disney World as a child and starting to think about what I wanted to take with me weeks in advance.

Fast forward 25 years, and I haven’t lost that travel itch.

Only I’ve discovered that travel was a lot easier when it was on someone else’s dime.

There are lots of things that prevent me and my husband and son from travelling. One is that we operate a service business and have no employees. This makes taking time off very difficult, as there would be no one around to service our clients or respond to inquiries.

Secondly, is the obvious one – money. It takes money to travel and money is not something we have an abundance of. Our last trip was three years ago; when our son had just turned three and we took him to Florida. We had an amazing time, but haven’t been able to afford a vacation since. This summer, we are returning to Florida again, and we are all so excited. Three years in between vacations is much too long if you ask me!

The final thing that kind of stands in our way of travel a bit is our two dogs. They are both older dogs and very set in their “routine” of being at home. It is difficult to find someone to want to look after two dogs at the same time, and then we also feel bad for the dogs themselves having to be away from home.

Right now, I am very much looking forward to our upcoming adventures in Orlando and Tampa. But on the horizon, my hubby and I have also been talking about taking our first real “big” trip and going to Thailand. It may just be a pipe dream for now, but in my head I’m already planning.

I’m in awe of the many families I see and follow on social media who travel the world with their children almost full-time. I am envious of them having the courage to do this. It’s one of my dreams to be able to travel the world with my boys and experience life in different cultures around the globe.

For now, I’ll settle for Florida and planning out extravagant travel in my head. But it’s always nice to have a travel goal in mind…


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