Socially Awkward & Nervous

My son is in Senior Kindergarten. Here in Canada, there are two years of Kindergarten schooling – Junior K and Senior K. And this school year is almost over. So, I’ve had almost two full school years to observe at morning drop-offs and afternoon pick-ups. And I’ve learned a lot. Much like high school, there … Continue reading Socially Awkward & Nervous


My Love-Hate Relationship with Being a SAHM

Okay. I am a Stay-at-home-Mom (SAHM for short). I love it and I’m good at it. I have a six-year-old son who is neatly (mostly) dressed every morning and at school on time every day with a healthy lunch packed, picked up each day on time by his mom, and read and played with after … Continue reading My Love-Hate Relationship with Being a SAHM